my names Kristin! i blog my youtube boys!!!!
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3rd April 2014

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YouTuber Birthdays - Oldest to Youngest. If you see any that are wrong, please message me. I tried to find the most official sources like Draw My Life vids etc. There are obviously tons missing from the list, but I couldn’t find many of their birth dates. =/ 

i almost share a birthday with marcy but but :)

11th March 2014

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11th March 2014

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18th February 2014

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Decided to have some fun with this :)

17th February 2014

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NEW VIDEO: The “Boyfriend” Tag by Tyler & Troye

Reblog if you ship #TROYLER - I’m stalking people who do!

16th February 2014

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tequila has been ingested!

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16th February 2014

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Eli + Elise in Camp Takota ()

16th February 2014

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8th February 2014

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Joey Graceffa: Then and Now. 2007 vs 2013.

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4th February 2014

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congratulations on 3 million subscribers joey! we’re all so proud of you <3

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